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What is the difference between a Retirement Residence and a Long Term Care Home?

A retirement home, also called a retirement residence or senior home, is where a community of seniors live. Focused around flexibility and independence, these types of retirement residences offer a lot of choice. Residents can choose to enjoy a fully independent lifestyle or have some care and personalized services.

A long term care home, also sometimes called a nursing home, is centred around 24/7 supervised care. Those who qualify for long term care are seniors who need a high level of care, require continuous supervision, or can no longer take care of themselves independently (e.g. eating, bathing, dressing)

When will you be open?

Phase 1 is going to be Winter 2022, Phase 2 is Winter 2023.

Is registration open?

Registration is open now! If you are in immediate assistance we are happy to assist you in any of our exsisting locations.

Do I bring my own furniture?

Yes! We want you to feel at home in your new suite. You can be comfortable in your space.

I have a special diet, will this be an issue?

No! Green Life Retirement ensures each of our residents’ diets are personalized to each individual’s dietary needs.

What is the protocol for the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Green Life Retirement Residence follows provincial guidelines as well as our own specific guidelines in addition, to ensure there hasn’t been a single outbreak in any of the Green Life Retirement Residents.

Do you have a secure floor/wing?

We do not have a secure floor, however please call us to assess whether our accommodations are the right one for you.

Do you have an “in house doctor”?

We encourage you to keep your family doctor, however if you can no longer get out to see them we do have a doctor that will assume your care here.

What type of accommodation do you have?

We offer inclusive rooms at several locations. We have levels of care depending on your personal needs.

Are any of your rooms subsidized by the government?

No. Retirement Residences are not subsidized.